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What Anglers Need to Know About baitcasting

If you are an angler, then you know that baitcasting reels which are great will make you the best baitcaster. It will enable you to fish lures which are larger and techniques where the line spinning reels will not be able to work. A baitcasting combo which is quality will give you great control of your lure and it will allow you to pinpoint lure placements, and the power to pull slouches out of deep water and cover.

This particular guide will help you to be able to understand how you can choose the best baitcasting reel one that will make you be the best baitcaster while within your budget. If you are new to baitcasters, it is important that you learn some of the specifications that you have to look out for so that you make the right choice for your specific baitcasting reel.

Advantages of Baitcasting reels

As an angler, you should use both high-quality baitcasting reels and spinning reels. This will make you be more versatile. But you need to remember that, there are a variety of lures and techniques which are good for baitcasting combo.

  • Less line twist: Spinning reels normally experience line twist and the line twist is what affects good casting. Best baitcaster spools the line in a perpendicular line to the axis axis of the spool, meaning that the only twist which is imparted in your line will come from your lure which in most instances is when you are fishing soft plastics.
  • Heavier line: On a baitcasting reel the rotation axis of the spool is normally perpendicular to the guides of the rod which means that the line guide will be able to come off directly through the guides of the rod. In the process, it makes it easier to use lines which are heavier of about 10 lbs to 20 lbs on average and also lures which are heavier.
  • Longer casts: When you pair it with the right rod, the bailcasters will easily outcast the spinning gear. Lines normally come directly off from the spool straight out the rod guides as compared to the uncooling of an outfit of spinning. For bombing hard jigs and baits, it is very hard to outsmart the baitcaster.
  • More control: The baitcasting reel combos normally provide a higher degree of casting control as compared to spinning gear due to the fact that, you are in a position to control them from a distance and speed of your lure through spool thumbing during the cast. Once you become a pro in using them, you can be able to achieve pinpoint accuracy with your cast, it will allow you to place your lure where the fish is exact.
  • More power: Baitcasters tend to be capable of more power as compared to spinning reels as compared to their spool design and layout. The spool is normally in line with the gears and handles to enable the reel to be able to handle more torque and power. Also due to the handles being mounted directly on the frame of the reel, there is no lever arm to be able to cause flex when you are reeling hard on a fish.

Tips to more baitcaster distance

There are several advantages when it comes to fishing using the best baitcasters. Using thicker, heavier lines, more line capacity, casting distance have to be considered. As an angler, you need to optimize your reel and your technique to be able to get the most from casting distance when fishing using casting reels. When you have more distance, it normally equates to more time to be able to present a lure to fish.

To get more out of your casting reels, you will need to:

  • Avoid filling the spool: While you might want to feel your spinning reel spool almost to the edge, you will end up getting less line on a baitcaster. Due to the fact that the spool itself is the one which unspins the line from the spool, it means that there is no friction that it has with the spinning reel spool. If you find a spinning reel pool which is a half-full, it will not be able to cast well due to the fact that, there is a lot of friction as the line is uncoiling off the spool.When you have a baitcaster, you will be able to cast to the bottom of the spool with a lack of friction as if the spool is full. When you have less line in a baitcaster spool, it allows the spool to be able to spin more freely and in the process, increase efficiency and distance. The line will not have to rub on the frame from the fact that it is too full. In case it is a small spool, you will have to be sure that you have a line which is enough for a long cast.
  • Match the lure weight to the rod action: In case you are going to throw lighter lures, you will be able to get more distance if you let the rod load more on the back cast. For it to happen, you will have to go down in power. If it is medium, then you will need to use a rod which is medium-powered to one that is heavy powered. If you are using a heavy lure, then you will have to get a more powerful rod in order to get more spring on the release. So when you go for a heavier lure, raring back and firing with a great load on the rod will help in launching the bait further.
  • Correcting the casting motion: As an angler, you might spend several hours on the water on a yearly basis, and thus, you might end up encountering more elbow and forearm injuries. As a result, you will need to change your casting motion. The injuries are normally as a result of over-extension on the several casts which you make every year.
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