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The Biggest Trends In E Commerce

The Biggest Trends in E-Commerce

We’ve now become used to buying online to the extent that for many people it’s now the norm rather than the exception. Whether it’s ordering the weekly supermarket shop or finding the perfect gift, online shopping is convenient and offers a wealth of choice.

But like any market place, it’s not static – as technology advances, so it opens up new opportunities for both buyers and sellers. So what are the current trends that businesses need to keep up with?

Keep It Local

For smaller businesses, the rise of the internet makes it possible to target customers in a specific area. Using a mix of SEO techniques and social media marketing, companies can find and address potential buyers in a very specific area. This can be part of a marketing campaign that emphasizes the things such as personal service that differentiates them from larger sellers. It can also be combined with social media to build a strong brand image.

Accurate Targeting

Today it’s more possible than ever to understand your customers and offer a personalized experience. By exploiting information about what they’ve bought in the past, for example, you can offer them similar products in the future.

You can also see what they’ve looked at and not bought. This gives you the opportunity to offer those products again at a later date, perhaps with a discount code, free postage, or other incentives to encourage them to buy.

Optimize for Mobile

It’s important to have your web presence optimized for mobile use. Although research suggests that a majority don’t actually buy on their mobile devices, increasing numbers are browsing on their tablets and phones.

Companies offering web design in London can help you build a site that works on both mobile and desktop systems. Mobile offers the opportunity for advertising too, targeting consumers in a more effective way than other channels.

A Wearable Future

As we see wearable technology like Google Glass and things such as smartwatches start to take off, these will offer new opportunities for sellers. They will allow retailers to send offers to people when they’re actually in or passing the store, for example. The wearable market is expected to take off in a big way; it was already worth over USD 32.63 billion in 2019.

Personal Experience

E-commerce presents unrivaled opportunities for businesses to build a personalized experience for their customers. Thanks to the information people share with websites and social media, it’s possible to build up an accurate profile of their likes and dislikes. This allows businesses to offer a shopping experience tailored to the customer’s needs.

This also provides the chance to provide better service. One of the frustrations of buying online is waiting for items to arrive. Businesses that offer a better range of delivery options with next-day and weekend options will get more customers.

The world of e-commerce evolves and changes all the time. However, the key to attracting and retaining customers remains the same as it does in any other field – to offer the product or service they want with an experience they enjoy.

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