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Online Business Ideas For 2021 That You Can Run From Home

Online business ideas for 2021 that you can run from home

Today I am going to explain profitable online business ideas to start with little investment. And not only that, but I will also give you many clues on how to carry them out, based on my experience in online business and digital marketing. I will share with you the best online business ideas for 2021, the most profitable, and I will explain why and best of all, I will give you a small “roadmap” in each of them so that you can start creating it today (and save a lot of time researching).

Online business ideas for 2021

Monetize a blog

This is one of the home business ideas that can bring you more fruit, ideal for generating passive income since the goal is for advertising to do its job. Initially, you will have to make an effort, apply certain knowledge, write some very good articles, hire a copywriter, and let the traffic do its magic.

What are the ways to monetize your blog?

Monetize with Google Adsense: it is about placing the Google advertising platform’s different advertisements on your blog and using it as a promotional channel for third parties. There is the modality of Pay per Click or Pay for Impressions and it is to earn money every time someone clicks or sees the ad.

Direct sale of advertising space: Another option is to directly sell advertising space on your blog to third parties, but it is important that you can demonstrate that you receive a considerable amount of daily visits.

Affiliate marketing: you use your blog so that third parties sell their products in exchange for a commission for each sale made. For example, you use articles to recommend certain items that people interested in the topic can buy in an online store. Also, you can display the products and encourage direct purchases. To do so, you can directly contact companies or access an affiliate network.

Sale of Premium content: you publish highly specialized information for which users pay a subscription to access.

Sell ​​your services online

Virtual assistant, copywriter, SEO, graphic design, web developer;. Teleworking is one of the more profitable Internet business models and with which you only need to invest time. You can work from home, so you will save money on renting premises or office, you own your time and if you organize yourself well, you can earn a good salary while enjoying more free time.

If you have a profession or skills that you can sell, you can become a freelance worker. It is true that the income will be active, that is, a direct product of your work, but perhaps it is this type of online business that best fits your way of being and working.

First, I recommend you get a good portfolio with your most relevant works or have verifiable references for your services at hand. Create a professional profile on LinkedIn and have a very good resume to display.

Also, if you work on something that you like, everything will be easier and more fun. If you complement your blog efforts to promote your services, you can use any previous examples and get a second source of income.

What do you need to carry out this idea?

A profile on different platforms for freelancers: there are many that you can use. They usually charge you a commission for each job you get, but they can be very profitable. They also help you build a long-term customer base.

A web page where you promote your services (preferably with a blog), and relevant traffic to your site from users interested in your services. If you have the capital to invest or collected money from your work, consider that, although this tool is not mandatory, it will considerably multiply your opportunities.

Contacts with companies with which you have previously worked. LinkedIn is an excellent option to find new clients and also to connect with your old co-workers. Take advantage of it!

What skills do you need to start this business idea?

No matter what your skill is, you need to be an expert in selling that service. Of course, you should also be a good professional to generate recommendations and more hires. The most sought after services are SEO expert, blog writer or copywriting, web developer, social media manager, community manager, digital marketing expert.

Sell ​​courses online

The great trend is online training, so if you wondered what business to start on the Internet, selling online courses could be your thing. That skill or profession you master could be turned into an educational program for a specific niche. You could even create different training levels from the most basic to the advanced and thus generate more sales.

What can the courses be about?

They must be linked to your knowledge and always aligned to help users achieve a specific goal. These courses must be very didactic, detailed, and support material. Find a suitable space to record, with good lighting and sound. Dress professionally in the case of showing your face and practice speaking.

The great advantage of selling courses online is that if you create a good course, you can sell it many times, that is, passive income! Little work and little investment. Nor does it require a lot of dedication time.

You can implement two models: single payment with unlimited access or subscription payment. With the latter, you will have to update the contents frequently.

What do you need to carry out this idea?

Locate online course platforms where you can host yours. Some agents will charge a commission for each course you sell, but they will also help you with the promotion.

A website where you can create and promote your online courses directly. You will have to promote your own, but you will get higher profits. There are several specialized plugins to create online courses that you can implement on your website.

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