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How To Start An Aquarium Fish Business

How to start an aquarium fish business?

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Many people have the intention of opening an aquarium shop. The aquarium is a very common and popular activity in our society, and therefore for a trader who has excellent skills, it can truly become a very profitable business. With a good dose of determination, creativity, and economic availability, making a nice profit in no time is possible. In this simple and comprehensive guide, we will illustrate the main steps to start your aquarium fish business. Let’s see, now, how to proceed to start this activity.

You will need to start an aquarium fish business

  • At least 20 fish tanks
  • Heaters
  • Sand filters
  • A feed siphon for water changes
  • A tap where it is possible to attach the siphon
  • Gravel, fake plants
  • A test kit that analyzes the ph
  • Supplies of food and medicine


It is essential to plan each step and conduct in-depth research on where you intend to start your shop. A large part of one’s success will depend on this. So you need to carefully study where you might place your shop, as well as the price and variety of fish you intend to sell and display. Once you have cleared your mind and understand what you want to market, you can start contacting the relevant breeders. Alternatively, another possibility is to opt to decide to raise the fish in total autonomy. Aquarium fish farming is one of those steps to becoming an aquarium expert. It also leads to higher earnings.

Choose the fish

Before adding expensive tropical fish, it is advisable to start the business by selling fish that are easier to maintain and reproduce but also more easily salable. Only once you have managed to maintain a stable population and have acquired the necessary experience will you move on to other more sought after and consequently even more profitable fish. Hence, it is necessary not to rush into this, as a good profitable business is built with time. It is also a good idea to have a large supply of food and medicines. Fish from farmers that I don’t know yet could be sick. If any signs of disease are found, it is essential to immediately remove the sale’s fish.

Ensure proper care

Another piece of advice we give you is to personally take care of your fish, to keep them happy and healthy. In this way, you will attract many more customers and consequently, you will be able to quickly increase your business. Keeping fish healthy can be a challenge and involves various activities. These include cleaning operations and frequent water changes, regular maintenance of tank filters, regular feedings, knowing how to recognize strange fish behaviors. Many problems derive precisely from the quality of the water. Therefore it is necessary to check the pH of the tanks with a good frequency. Once you have the amount of fish you want, you can finally open your own shop.

Operation in a fish shop

This business idea proposes to open physical premises to install a fish store open to the public. We have a great variety of fish that are usually acquired to be at home. The respective food, vitamins for your care, ponds and fish tanks, and everything you need for your well-being, will also be sold in this store.

A fish store, if possible, should be located in an area with a high pedestrian flow, preferably near pet-related businesses, since it is usually these points that people take as a reference to acquire them.

Tips for opening a fish store

The life of these beings depends on you. Therefore the space in which they are must be the most suitable according to their natural habitat. Do not sell any fish that show signs of disease. Avoid keeping incompatible fish in the same tank.

Check the fish return policy. It gives a guarantee of a few days on the fish’s death, as long as you bring a sample of the water so they can check the ammonia level of the water. Inform employees of what they sell. Before selling any fish, they should ask customers for their aquarium data (size, inhabitants, etc.) to determine if a fish’s acquisition may be suitable for their aquarium.

The more you know about fish, the better. Research which fish are aggressive and which are not. Quarantine your fish before adding them to tanks. When customers notice that you have healthy fish, they will want to come back. Some fish eat their young. It is advisable to separate the young fish from the adults.

Cons: Hatchery fish may be sick. If you notice signs of illness, remove the fish from a hospital tank. Check your fish daily and change the water in the tank frequently. When your tanks are already installed and running cyclically, you will have to take care of your fish. Keep your fish healthy.

Pros: it is a business idea with many possibilities, especially since it has a wide variety of clients to whom you could sell. If you have a lot of fish, do not rule out other pet or veterinary stores where you could promote them and thus find a home that provides all the necessary care.

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