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Boogie Cruiser Bike Overall Details

Boogie Cruiser Bike Overall Details

This bike from boogie bikes is my favorite beach cruiser. Yet it’s got an incredibly strong and quiet motor-sensitive pedal assist and a seat comfortable enough that the miles seem to melt away.

It’s built right here in the US and it has the largest warranty I’ve seen on a bike yet. It’s not cheap and its price is more than two thousand dollars.

Basic Details of Boogie Cruiser

I’ll run over everything you need to know, starting off with a speed test. The Boogie bike comes with a massive 750-watt direct-drive motor in the rear that will power by a 48 volt 13.6 and power Samsung battery.

That takes two to four hours to recharge. Boogie says that power can take a rider up to 20 miles per hour on the highest of the five pedal assist levels It offers.

There is four battery and you can go 1, 3, 5-speed mode. For pedal assist level one, I got seven miles per hour on the app and bike. Pedal-assist level two.

So, here is a question if I want to avoid all of these problems what best beach cruiser bike that I need to buy.

I got 12.5 on the bike and 13 on the app and pedal assist level five. I got 20 on the bike and 21 for the app. So, it’s right on with the rating for my 185-pound weight.

Here’s the difference in speed between pedal-assist levels one, three, and five. Now I haven’t tested any other bikes in this price range, but I was happy with 20 miles per hour.

It was a good speed for the bike. The Boogie bike comes with a thumb throttle. So, I thought it would be interesting to compare the difference in acceleration between straight throttle and pedal assist level five.

As you can see, the straight throttle is a faster acceleration off-the-line boogie pedal assist by about three to four miles per hour and until the 16 to 17 mark that’s why pedal-assist five catches up and lags by one mile per hour.

Acceleration Difference

However straight throttle did when taking just under 14 seconds to hit 21 miles per hour. Here are a few different views of the acceleration difference. Starting off with pedal assist one, three, and five, and now the difference between pedal-assist five and straight throttle.

Boogie bikes have got the fastest acceleration out of any cruiser. The race test and they say this has a 50-mile range.

So, I’m going to crank it up to pedal SIS level five is going to be the highest energy consumption. So, I doubt I’ll get 50 miles, but we’ll see and I’ve got my tracking app open and started.

Let’s see what I can get on the race test. Let me tell you all the things I liked and didn’t like about the bike starting off with the design, we got more works on this bike than I have on any other product I’ve been on. People are just staring I’m okay with that. I kind of like it. I do feel like I need to be on a beach somewhere.

Just the bright blue color, which I actually really like. This is what I think of when I think of a beach cruiser laid back. Smooth ride, bright color.

It’s got everything and this is really amazing and I barely put my finger on it and it sinks right in. I could sit on it for miles and miles. It is not bad at all.

This is the type of bike where you don’t realize how far you’ve gone. 20 miles feels more like three or four.

The handling has taken me a little bit to get used to it’s a heavier bike and most of the weight is in the back with the battery and the motor that I have you back in kind of throws you a little bit when you’re turning, not so much where I feel like I’m going to crash.

When using the throttle, the bike doesn’t make a lot of noise. Like most bikes do with this size of the motor. They have done a nice job of making this quiet.

Now I’m five 11 and I got to fill the frame. Even a little bit too big for me, it’s not so much where I feel out of control, but it’s just a lot of bike, but it feels well-built and sturdy.

These heavier bikes kind of have a more solid fill than some of the lighter-weight bikes I’ve been on and this is made in the year and it’s got a huge warranty on it.

So that does tell you a little something about the quality. The 18 inches welded aluminum alloy frame can fit a rider from five feet up to 66 and has a huge five-year warranty.

Some Advance Issues

By far the biggest warranty I’ve seen buggy and also let you try it at home for 15 days to see if you like it and offers free shipping in the lower 48, the pedal system.

I’ve counted about one to two revolutions before the power kicks on and that’s when Maxine the bike out. And then when I stop, I can feel the power for about half a second.

Well, the battery bar is about 50 to 55%. I’ve gone 8.53 miles with a 32-minute right time, still on the pedal assist, level five, averaging 19 to 20 miles per hour.

So I’m just peddling casually right now, maintaining about 20 miles per hour bikes. Pretty much doing all the work in order to get over 20. You really got a pedal.

It’s pretty cool. And now I’m doing about 70, 80% of the work. Again, a pretty good burn, and I’m only getting another mile and a half faster. It feels like the bikes trying to slow back down to 20.

This was the first bike where there was some serious resistance to go faster than its rating. Never experienced that before and here you should concern about riding safety.

The handlebars are pretty cool-looking. It just goes with the theme of the bike, just kind of that old, uh, old school look.

They’re also adjustable and I had them set to the highest position, so I didn’t have to lean over as much. Well, I’ve got about 30 to 40% battery life left and I have felt a pretty good drop-off in power when it comes to accelerating.

It is delayed a little bit longer than it was when I first got on the bike and the top speed has dropped down about a mile per hour.

I was averaging 19.5 up to 20, and now it’s about 18 to 18.7 0.8, which is still a pretty good speed for a little bit.

When I got back to the house, my app showed 18 points 78 miles, less than half of what it’s rated for, but I did have about half a battery bar left.

So, I bet I could have reached around 20. Now, again, keep in mind. I did have the set to the highest pedal assist level and was going as fast as the bike could. 18 point 78 miles is what you can expect when the bike is going flat.

The elevation gain wasn’t bad at all. With 414 feet, it was one of the flattest areas I’ve been on no power tasks going up a slight hill I’m on about the fifth or sixth gear.

As you can tell, I’m kind of breathing heavy. Might need to switch to easier gear. That’s a little bit better dropped down to 12 miles an hour, but this is a much easier gear to manage this bike, but you can definitely peddle and ride this with Alan.

If you remove it, that’ll take off about 12, 13 pounds. Other features. I liked about the bike, where the seven-speed Shimano twist grip shifter, which cycled through the gears fast and smooth, no complaints there, and a large backlit LCD screen, displaying battery life speed, pedal assist level, and odometer.

The pad on the left side of the handlebars has three buttons, two for the pedal assist and a power button at the bottom.

Hold the top arrow to turn on the. And the bottom for walk assists mode. The 26 by two-inch whitewall tires gave the bike that classic Metro vintage look, but I thought was a nice touch.

This is the hill test. I’ve got a full battery pedal assist level five-speed app open. I’ve got about a quarter of a mile here. There are two steep sections ranging from about 10 to 15%. Let’s see how it does.

This is the first steep part still averaging while down to 16 miles an hour and this is kicking butt. This has got tons of power.

This is the hardest part down to 15, holding a 15 all the 15. Wow. I can hear that. Motor a down to 14. I can hear that motor.

That kicks butt on Hills that has got more than enough power buggy by comes with front and rear disc brakes.

Here’s the stopping distance from pedal assist one, three, and five with level five, stopping at 25 feet from 20 miles per hour.

The brakes are very smooth and powerful and can be applied firmly without losing control.

So, here’s what you get with the buggy bike, a top speed of 21 miles per hour. A good acceleration reaching that speed using the straight throttle in less than 14 seconds range is okay.

When on the highest pedal assist level at 18 points 78 miles, take that down to pedal-assist one or two, and you should be in the 40 to 50 range.

Heel climbing is fantastic. Up 11% grade hill. More than enough power and could definitely tackle a higher grade and breaks are smooth and powerful of bringing me to a stop in 25 feet from 21 miles per hour.

I’ve got no problem recommending this bike. I really enjoy the time on it. It’s fun to look at super comfortable with plenty of power.


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