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Analysis of High Quality Detox Pills for Weed

Marijuana, also known as cannabis, is a drug with psychoactive properties. There are over 400 chemicals in cannabis; however the one with mind altering properties is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

How marijuana is used?

Weed is a mixture of dried out stems, leaves and flowers of the Indian hemp plant. It can be smoked in the form of a cigarette (joint), can be mixed with the batters of brownies and cupcakes and eaten once baked (edibles). It can also be smoked using a water pipe called a bong.

The effects of smoking weed:

The chemical component of marijuana that causes recreational users to feel high, happy or relaxed is THC. THC increases the levels of dopamine in your body, making you feel euphoric.

Another chemical compound in marijuana that has medical benefits is called Cannabidiol (CBD). CBD does not have any mind altering effects, however it acts as a muscle relaxant and a painkiller as well.

Together THC and CBD have quite the effect on the human psyche:

  1. Distorted perception of time
  2. Relaxed muscles lead to easy movements
  3. Euphoria, happiness, satisfaction and happy-go-lucky attitude
  4. Enhanced state of mind
  5. Sensory overload (all your senses are heightened)
  6. Lapses of memory

How cannabis is able to affect your brain?

The brain is made up of neural networks. Chemicals called neurotransmitters travel in this network to send messages between neurons. There exists a particular kind of neurotransmitter called the endocannabinoid (a kind of weed produced by your body).

Seeing as how the cannabinoids in weed look and act similar to the kind your body makes, they’re able to bypass security barriers and latch onto the receptors in your brain. The cannabinoids wreak havoc with your system and boost certain signals whilst hampering with others.

Why you need a weed detox?

A detoxification is beneficial for anyone who wants to remove traces of drugs from their system and pass a drug test. It also helps those looking to quit smoking weed as all residue of the drug needs to be out of their system to alleviate the withdrawal effects. Detoxification is also the best way to start living healthier. It flushes toxins that are detrimental to your health out of your body. Detox Pills for Weed also provide your body with vitamins and minerals necessary for a strong digestive system.

How to naturally detox weed out of your system?

  1. Since most of it is eliminated from the body along with faeces; a high fibre diet ought to do the trick and facilitate faster expulsion of the weed. However this method takes some time to take effect and isn’t suitable for those looking to pass a urine drug test.
  2. Drinking large quantities of water has also proven to be effective. Up to 20% of the compound that causes the “high” effect is removed through micturition; therefore drinking large amounts of water is proven to speed this process up considerably. However this leads to urine looking pale yellow and weak and is rejected by most labs.
  3. High intensity workouts speeds up the detoxification process in countless ways:


  1. It causes your body to sweat; thereby making a person lose more toxins
  2. Exercise causes you to take in more water which further helps flush out the toxins from your body
  3. Fat is broken down safely and THC is released.
  4. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that improves the ability of your body to fight off unhealthy toxins and free radicals.
  5. Saunas are also great for detoxification. The heat in the sauna enhances blood flow and brings the toxic chemicals to the surface of your body where it is then sweated out.

Natural methods of detoxification are only helpful when you have plenty of time on your hands and not in case of a time sensitive drug test.

Steps to quickly detox weed from your system:

  1. Cease and desist from smoking weed immediately.
  2. Drink up to a gallon of water per day.
  3. On the day of the drug test, take a THC detox drink that will color the urine a deeper yellow to make it look natural.
  4. Whilst submitting your urine sample; make sure to only collect in the cup the urine that come midstream; which is to say urinate the first 2 seconds worth of urine into the toilet and collect the rest to be given as a sample.

What are detox pills for weed?

High quality Detox Pills for Weed speeds up your metabolism, facilitating the faster removal of toxins from your body. They assist your body’s natural purifying procedure and enable your body work at the apex of its productivity.

There are numerous types of Detox Pills for Weed:

  1. Diuretics:

A diuretic is a substance that increases the amount of urine in your body. In addition to the pill, you are required to drink excessive amounts of water in order to flush out the THC from your body. Diuretics are a short term solution and do not remove the toxins completely from your body.

  1. Masking agents:

These are materials that you add to your urine to cover up the trace of THC. However due to the advancements in science and technology this method is of no use in the 21st century where most labs check for additives, synthetic and masking agents and preserving compounds in small quantities as well.

  1. Permanent detox:

This is a kind of Detox Pills for Weed that cleanses your body out completely removing any trace of THC from your system. Commonly, these kinds of pills require you to take one regularly over a fixed period of time depending on the amount of toxins in your body.

It works by improving the PH of your urine, provides extra fibre whilst also acting like a diuretic, enhances the generation of liver enzymes and reduces the binding of THC to blood cells thereby enabling the kidney to clear it out at max efficiency.

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