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Benefits of Yoga in Daily Life

Yoga is an ancient practice that brings your mind, heart and soul and binds them together in harmony. It relaxes, energises and purifies, much like a breath of fresh air. Believed to be one of the most important and popular forms of exercise and fitness, yoga is a beautiful expression that we count through breaths. Just like several other forms of exercise, yoga too has several benefits, each of which you will reap if you indulge in a few asanas every day. Read below to find out.

  • It is the best stress buster – Practising yoga everyday keeps you in sync with your emotions and enables you to control them and use them to the best of your ability. Through the means of relaxation and breathing exercises, yoga reduces the stress, anxiety and tension in the body and helps relieve you of physical stress as well. It becomes an outlet for you to let go of your stress, be in control of yourself and experience the calm around you and in your mind.

  • It improves your breathing – Respiration comes naturally to human beings, but through exertion, stress, diseases and ill health, it becomes strained and laboured such that your body is unable to breathe easy. Yoga helps with your breathing and clears your lungs such that a breath of pure, fresh air doesn’t become a luxury anymore, but a daily experience. Breathing exercises not only help in regulating your respiration but also have miraculous benefits such as they improve concentration, expel toxins from your body and sharpen your memory and thinking.

  • It enables you to sleep better – At this day and age, sleep becomes a luxury that most people cannot afford on hectic days. The stress build up in our bodies causes problems to our sleep cycles, affecting them gravely such that our sleep becomes erratic and poor. Using different exercises and relaxation techniques, yoga reduces the stress in our bodies and minds to a great extent enabling us to sleep better. A relaxed deep sleep is all our bodies need to brace themselves every day. Through yoga, we become aware of our body, of our feelings and emotions and of the stress that we inherently have. Reducing tensions and stress is a part of the entire treasure trove of yoga benefits. Sleeping better makes everything better.

  • It increases flexibility – Human beings are known for their ability to move around and use their bodies as a form of expression, and yoga is the vehicle that aids this. While doing the different postures and exercises that yoga puts forth, ours bodies lose the rigidity that they inherently possess and become lithe and supple, thus enabling flexibility. Being flexible is a part of the yoga process as it aids all functions of the body better and helps us lead healthier, happier lives.

  • It helps you with weight loss – Simply put, the exercises that you undertake as a part of yoga take you on a journey which not only encompasses of everything mentioned above, but also significantly helps you reduce the weight that you had been trying to. While improving muscle tone, increasing balance in the body and adding to your level of flexibility, yoga on the whole makes you fit and gives you a healthy body, one that you need.

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