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Pokemon, a Global Phenomenon

Pokemon is a media franchise, that is, it is a set of characters, scenarios and trademarks that are transmitted through various media or entertainment media. Among these we have as main television, video games and games of cards.

This franchise is one of the most recognized worldwide, reaching a large number of countries as a means of entertainment for children, which has become an icon of popular culture for the large number of different characters and creatures that they can be found in the universe in which the story unfolds.

Pokemon it originated in Japan and is about a fantasy world where there are creatures called “Pokemon”, which have very different special skills that can be captured or utilized s or s for clashes between them. Each creature has its own personality and fighting style, which improves following a training that seeks to obtain the greatest amount of power in the Pokemon.

There are different types of Pokemon, which are differentiated by their fighting style and the powers they possess. In this sense, they have created a lot of these creatures reaching the 800 different Pokemon. There are also different types of special Pokemon, which are usually more difficult to find and they are called legendary Pokemon. Note that these are different according to eras, which are given by the animated series and the area of the world that is covered in this.

This world was created for a video game that thanks to its incredible popularity in its country of origin became a television series, which has been broadcast throughout the planet and that continues to be produced today. In addition to this, very popular card games have been created, which have been commercialized around the world.

The popularity of this franchise is so high, that it represents the second best-selling video game saga of the Nintendo production company, reaching to sell products on this even today.

The phenomenon of Pokemon

With more than 20 years of existence, Pokemon is still one of the most recognized brands today, because not only is it known by the young population, but it is also recognized by a large number of adults who enjoyed the first games and the first series produced at the time of its creation.

This popularity has led production companies in Japan to continue investing in the franchise, having then that the television series, which is animated, continues in transmission until now, reaching a large number of children, who will continue to spread their knowledge about this universe of creatures that ever expands much more.

Types of Pokemon

At the beginning of the universe of Pokemon, in the game, there were a diverse number of types of Pokemon that players could obtain. This amount has increased exponentially over the years, having different types of Pokemon, among which we can find as main:

  • Normal
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Plant or grass
  • Electric
  • Ice
  • Fight
  • Flying

Pokemon Video Games

As mentioned earlier, this universe began as a video game, which later expanded to become what we know today. The first games were created by the Japanese company Game Freak, being distributed by Nintendo. These are usually based on the same principle, which is that a coach (the player) manages to capture the most Pokemon, which will be trained to overcome a series of confrontations and thus complete the game satisfactorily.

The popularity of these games gave a unique feature that did highlight the game system of this kind. This feature consists in the possibility that the players had to exchange the Pokemon that they obtained, so that a network of players was created that connected to interact among them, thus achieving that the popularity of the game would increase exponentially.

Current Pokemon Games

The Pokemon games have existed for over 20 years, taking the origin of this universe as varied from a game born in Japan. These games have expanded to almost any console games created by the company Nintendo, so there are a lot of titles related to this universe.

The most current Pokemon game is called Pokemon GO, which is a mobile application for both Android and iPhone phones. This game consists in the search of Pokemon in the real world using some smartphone and the application. This application is completely free and can be downloaded in almost any country in the world.

This game was born in 2016 and since its launch became a worldwide trend, where thousands of people began to play simultaneously trying to capture as much Pokemon as possible.

Pokemon Go consists in finding all the types of Pokemon distributed throughout the territory of each country, which are located in specific places, such as police stations, churches, premises, among other places, causing users to move to these locations walking great distances.

Features of Pokemon Go

Pokemon go is a game currently recognized as one of the most popular of the franchise, which attracted a large number of players around the world. This popularity is due to certain characteristics of the game, which make it a very well-structured special game.

A special feature of this game is the large amount of Pokemon that can be captured. There are very common Pokemon types found in each country, regardless of their location, however, there are other special Pokemon, which can only be found in special locations in different countries. This in order to get people or players to get to know unexplored localities, which tend to be very beautiful places to observe.

Another feature of this game is the creation of tournaments in the cities to obtain or capture unique Pokemon, which cannot be seen at another time in the game. These tournaments manage to concentrate a large number of fans of the game, who wish to have these special creatures.

Finally, we have this game, like most Pokemon games, to train the captured Pokemon, so they can be used in battles with other people who are in the same place or in battles against coaches of Pokemon gyms to obtain medals or prizes.

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