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Beach Cruiser Bikes Can Be So Much Fun to Ride

Who doesn’t love the idea of moving around town on the most comfortable bike available in the market, with big balloon-type tires, having sufficient space for the luggage or even groceries in the back? Cruiser bikes are here for you to fulfill your wishes. They are the epitome of class and style, having sleek, refined and classic features in it. And if you were wondering then yes, it even has a variety of models all for you to choose from. Thankfully, there is a list containing the best beach cruiser bikes of all time.

The Bike Which is a Fun Ride

Nowadays, a great part of the consideration goes to bicycles like the BMX, road bicycle, and mountain bikes. It’s genuinely simple to understand why these sorts serve an expansive number of specialities and riding styles. In any case, shouldn’t something be said about the bicycles for the individuals who basically need to just ride for fun? Beach cruiser bikes are precisely what the name proposes. They can’t deal with the rigours of driving through rough terrain, stunts, or innumerable miles of asphalt. But cruiser bicycles are ideal for the individuals who simply require an approach to ride around in comfort, regardless of whether it’s for no particular reason, or for some kind of an errand.

These bicycles are again becoming famous in the most recent years. It is because more individuals are understanding the advantages these bicycles bring to the table with respect to comfort, simplicity, and cost. Now, every obvious bicycle fan should claim a cruiser bicycle, or truly any individual who is searching for a fun, simple, extravagant ride.

There is so much to know about cruiser bicycles, including their favourable circumstances and restrictions, what are they perfect for, the distinctive kinds that currently exist, and the sky is the limit from there. In any case, to start with, lets introduce you to what a cruiser bicycle truly is.

Cruiser Bicycles

Cruiser bicycles that are also called beach cruiser bikes or motorbikes. They are a type of bicycles that commonly contain wide balloon tires, a single-speed bike, coaster breaks, straightforward bike frame, and an erect posture of seating. They also have curved handlebars which helps in the seating posture. They are particularly popular among the vacationers and casual bicyclists. The reason is because they are very steady and are easy to ride. The only mere drawback they seem to have is that they become slow because of the balloon tires and also the heavy weight of the bike. They are meant mainly for paved roads, medium distances, and speeds. They are listed in the non-touring or non-racing class, and middleweight or heavyweight types of the road bike.

The bicycles are famous for their heavy weight and also durability. Their use was at its peak from the 1930s till the 1950s in the United States. They also have renewed their popularity since the 1990s.

Another basic quality you will see with cruiser bicycles is their capacity to be upgraded and customized. This can incorporate accessories like saddlebags, lights, luggage racks, fenders, and so much more. While different sorts of bicycles are made to attempt substantially more escalated riding, cruiser bicycles are basically for cruising. There is no need for any kind of special position or riding mode, but instead, all you have to do is simply sit normally on a super comfortable seat, and pedal to wherever you are cruising.

Types of Cruiser Bikes Available

Advancement and popularity inside the beach cruiser bikes world have resulted in the development of 5 particular types of bikes. They are, at present, broadly available, all having their own particular differences.

  • Classic or Beach Bike
  • Low Rider
  • Stretch
  • Multi-Speed
  • Chopper

The first one being the classic bike, which is also called beach bike is an original cruiser bicycle. They have all the main features that were present in all the beach cruiser bikes through the decades. This implies a fairly heavy frame weighing around 50 pounds, having a unisex design. Tires are commonly of 26 inch and 29 inch, and they are of standard balloon style that is sufficiently wide for additional stability. They also have enough cushioning to deal with little bumps and hindrances on the road or sidewalks. The seat is low positioned and gives wide coverage. Bumpers are a typical component also, keeping the rider perfect and dry when riding over puddles in their way.

Low rider cruiser bicycles are basically meant for being showy and not functional. These bicycles are low-lying to the ground and enables the rider of the bike to sit low also. Some common features are over-spoked wheels, white wall tires smaller than 26 inches, big banana seats, front and back emphasized fenders, and springer front forks.

Stretch cruiser bicycles are a stretched type of the classic cruiser bike. In these bikes, the frame can usually be double in length, and typically positioned a little lower towards the ground. The rider can sit further back being in a considerably more comfortable position because of the longer frame length. Even if it’s not as precise with steering like the classic one, stretch cruiser bicycles are awesome for long, easy going rides on flat roads and walkways, where there won’t be that many obstacles.

Multi-speed beach cruiser bikes provide the rider with a couple of additional options like gears, improving the bicycle’s versatility in its use. Most of these bicycles are accessible in 3-speed forms. For changing speeds, they utilize a back tape and a derailleur. A shifter fixed on the handlebars operates this.

Chopper cruiser bicycles are so much like chopper style motorbikes. They have many similar features that low rider bicycles have combining them with chopper motorbike’s features. This includes the front ends being long, projecting far away from the handlebars. The handlebars are fixed higher, which is frequently found with chopper bikes. Wheels are of different sizes, and the banana seat usually sits high on the frame. Choppers are more about style and not about functionality, yet they can really be more comfortable to ride than the low rider cruiser bicycles.

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