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Will Apple Reveal the iWatch in September After All?

iwatch-roundWhen it comes to Apple’s mythical iWatch, one thing is clear: nothing is clear. Over the last few months, we’ve heard that the iWatch would be on store shelves this holiday, that production has already begun, that problems had delayed production’s start, and that we wouldn’t actually see the iWatch at all until next year. Well, it seems that the story’s changed once again, with a report out of Re/code claiming that the iWatch would, in fact, make it to the stage in the upcoming iPhone 6 event said to be set for September 9.

According to the post, Apple will “unveil a new wearable alongside the two next-generation iPhones” at the early September event. That device – whatever it might be – will reportedly be used to demonstrate Apple’s HealthKit and HomeKit apps that were unveiled during WWDC earlier this summer. Meanwhile, despite being reported as fact in multiple publications over the last few days and weeks, Apple has yet to actually confirm the September 9 event at all.

So is this true? Possibly. There’s no question that Apple’s been building up to entering the wearable space for quite a while, and the advent of HealthKit in and of itself would seem to confirm that. Moreover, if the iWatch (or whatever the wearable is called when it appears) still isn’t ready for your wrist this year, there’s no reason a demo unit still couldn’t take the stage with Apple CEO Tim Cook. After all, building buzz is what Apple’s best at.

There are also strategic reasons Apple would want to make sure to show off its wearable device sooner rather than later. As we’ve heard over the last few days, the upcoming IFA event in Berlin will see the unveiling of a few new smartwatches from Google partners Asus, LG, and possibly even Samsung. Then there’s Motorola’s own event scheduled for right around the same early September time frame, at which the highly coveted Moto 360 is expected to finally get a release date and price. In short, the world of wearables is getting crowded with some high end devices, and Apple may find its potential customers going the way of Android Wear if it doesn’t give them a reason to wait a bit longer.

On the other hand, there are plenty of other reasons to believe that the iWatch will be nowhere to be found come September 9. For starters, we’ve seen zero physical evidence that anyone anywhere on earth has worked on an Apple-made wearable device. That’s an anomaly considering how many parts and pieces of the iPhone 6 have made their way out of factories in Asia.

If the iWatch were at a stage in production that could allow for a demo unit to appear during an event, there would likely have been some evidence of prototypes by now. It’s entirely possible that Apple has locked down on the iWatch harder than any other product before, but it seems a bit unlikely.

The good news is that we won’t have to wait much longer to find out either way. If Tim Cook appears in front of a packed audience, flashing his fancy, one-of-a-kind iWatch, then we’ll learn a whole lot about which sources have the real intel, and which are just making guesses.

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