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LG Teases New Round Smartwatch for IFA in Berlin

Following last week’s rumor that LG would use the upcoming IFA conference in Berlin to reveal its follow-up to the G Watch, the company has released a teaser trailer that seems to confirm what we’ve heard so far. There is a new wrinkle that comes with this teaser, however: the new smarwatch will be round, coming a lot closer the much-hyped style of the forthcoming Moto 360 from Motorola.


The teaser starts out with a circular “R” logo, and goes on to show glimpses of various watch faces that might show up on the eventual device. The teaser also shows a square being rounded into a “perfect circle,” along with what looks like a dig at the Moto 360’s design at about the 15-second mark:


That sure seems to boast that whatever they’ll be unveiling at the IFA in early September, it won’t suffer from the same black bar that’s been seen resting at the bottom of the Moto 360’s display, which is said to be necessary to the smartwatch’s function. Other than that bit of speculative sleuthing, we don’t really know anything about this new device other than that it probably runs Android Wear, and that it might feature an OLED display, the latter detail having been rumored in last week’s report.

A post on MobileSyrup speculates that the new watch will be called the “G Watch R,” building from the aforementioned “R” logo from the beginning of the teaser. Of course, the device might also simply be called the “G Watch 2,” or the “O Watch,” or the “This is Better than the Moto 360 Watch Double Plus Awesome.” Personally, I hope it’s that last one.

A post on Engadget about the teaser speculates that because this new watch is set to hit the market so soon after the original G Watch, it seems likely that the two were being developed concurrently. That thought process doubles down on what I’d speculated last week: the first G Watch was likely LG’s way of seeing how to make an Android Wear device work in the real world, all the while preparing to launch this new watch a short while later.

If nothing else, one thing is definitely clear: if you’ve been waiting to buy an Android Wear smartwatch until you had some more stylish options, the coming war between LG, Motorola, and even Asus should provide an embarrassment of riches.

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