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Hewlett-Packard Teams With Michael Bastian For Gilt Smartwatch

hp-bastian-giltThat Hewlett-Packard – often referred to simply as HP – would be exploring the world of smartwatches is unsurprising. What is surprising, however, is the method by which they’re conducting that exploration. Yesterday, Fashionista broke the news that HP had teamed up with designer Michael Bastian for a high end smartwatch to be sold exclusively through Gilt.

Set to launch sometime this Fall, the smartwatch is otherwise a mystery. Fashionista reports that the watch will be iOS and Android compatible and will sync with your smartphone via an app. It will also provide the usual suite of notifications regarding email and texts and even give users the ability to “control music remotely and check weather, stocks and sports updates.” In short, it’ll do everything you’d expect a smartwatch to do.

hp-gilt-conceptWell, almost everything. An issue the HP smartwatch may encounter is that it certainly sounds as though it won’t be running Android Wear. For that matter, it’s not clear what operating system it’ll run at all, and that could be a big issue. Smartwatches in general are superfluous items to most people’s daily lives. They need to offer solid functionality to justify their cost. If this smartwatch isn’t running Android Wear or Tizen, it likely won’t be able to run any other apps, which could prevent the device from keeping up with the competition as other smartwatches offer more functionality and can run more apps.

At the very least, HP’s smartwatch offering seems to have the other important component of wearable tech covered – it looks pretty stylish with its design crafted by American fashion guru Michael Bastian. Clearly, HP isn’t interested in creating a device that will appeal to a huge amount of consumers, since its exclusivity to will limit the potential consumer base it can reach.

For now, there’s no price or specific release date listed for HP’s smartwatch. Moreover, unless its presence on Gilt is a limited time exclusivity, don’t expect the world to go crazy over this device when it launches, either.

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