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MindRDR Connects Your Brain to Google Glass

mindrdrOne of the supposed advantages of Google Glass – and most wearable devices, for that matter – is the ability to use technology without relying on your hands and instead utilizing the power of your voice to issue commands and set functions in motion. A new Glassware App out of the UK called MindRDR has started investigating ways to eliminate even that barrier to using wearable technology, as it hopes to plug Google Glass directly into your brain.

Okay, maybe not directly, but darn near close. According to This Place, the developer behind MindRDR, the app pairs with another piece of hardware, the Neurosky MindWave Mobile, to bridge the gap between your brainwaves and the Glass headset. When a user focuses their mind, the app will measure the strength and intensity of those concentration brainwaves.

When those waves cross a certain intensity threshold, MindRDR will snap a photo with Glass, then post the photo to Twitter with the accompanying concentration metrics. From there, MindRDR will start diagnosing a user’s attention and meditation capabilities, presumably so the user can find ways to alter or improve those qualities.

For now, taking pictures by concentrating really hard is an extremely limited application – and that doesn’t even go into the problems that come with making Google Glass look even more cumbersome than it already does. That’s not quite the point, though. Pairing concentration with fulfilling functions offers huge potential for the future of wearable technology, and can help pave the way for relatively low cost ways for those with disabilities or other mobility issues to bridge the gap between leading more productive lives.

MindRDR is an interesting and exciting proof-of-concept that will hopefully inspire other hardware and software developers to investigate other ways for users to interact with their tech via brainwaves. Furthermore, MindRDR seems to once again prove that the best applications for Glass shouldn’t center around everyday people looking to stick computers on their faces. Instead, Glass holds the most potential for those looking to augment and improve specific tasks.

As we’ve heard, doctors and police officers are already exploring the possibilities of how Glass can revolutionize their work and help them better connect with people. MindRDR opens up a new world for some people to repair connections with the world around them.

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