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iWatch Coming in Multiple Sizes; Armed with 10 Sensors, Says Report

apple-clockCorroborating rumors we heard last month, a new report today claims that Apple’s long-rumored, never-confirmed iWatch wearable will be offered in multiple different sizes. If true, the iWatch could be the first smartwatch on the market designed to take fashion senses into consideration, in addition to tech specs and functionality.

According to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, the iWatch will be released in more than one standard configuration. The news comes by way of an unnamed source, said to be “familiar with the matter.” Additionally, a source said to work at a component supplier added that Apple is looking to have somewhere between 10 to 15 million iWatch units manufactured before the end of the year. That figure differs quite a bit from a Reuters report published just yesterday, which claimed that Apple plans to ship 50 million units. However, today’s report seems to agree with yesterday’s in terms of the iWatch’s release date, which both peg October of this year for the likely launch. Both reports also say that Quanta Computer in Taiwan will handle the majority of manufacturing duties for the wearable.

The new report also claims that the iWatch will “incorporate more than 10 sensors including ones to track health and fitness.” That claim isn’t much of a surprise considering the emphasis Apple has put on HealthKit, a new biometric data aggregation suite that will debut on iOS 8 later this year. HealthKit will gather data recorded by wearable devices – fitness trackers like the Fitbit or Jawbone – and collect it all into one place, providing a contextual hub for users hoping to get insight into their health habits and lifestyles. With rumors of the iWatch swirling for over a year now, however, many see HealthKit as Apple’s indirect method of announcing its smartwatch to potential customers.

With the recent publication of three patents that seem to point to functions of the forthcoming iWatch, Apple’s announcement of the device seems all but inevitable. Until this point, only a handful of tech companies have officially taken the plunge into the wearables sector, with Samsung’s line of Gear devices becoming the most visible products in the category. With Google getting ready to launch Android Wear, and the possibility of a Microsoft smartwatch looming larger every day, has Apple waited too long to bring the iWatch to its customers? Or will it be so revolutionary and stylish it’ll stand in a category all its own?

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