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Drchrono Brings Health Records To Google Glass

glassSome of the most innovative uses for Google Glass during its short lifetime have been in hospitals and clinics, and California startup Drchrono now has another health-related application for the futuristic eyewear. The company is expanding its existing medical record platform with a dedicated Google Glass app that enables doctors to record consultations and even surgery with the permission of patients.

Videos, photos and notes captured by Google Glass can be stored in a patient’s digital health record or in a private locker on the Box cloud storage platform. Box was one of the early investors in Drchronos, which also develops an iPad app to go alongside its electronic medical health system. According to the firm, 300 of its 60,000 registered physicians have signed up to use the new Google Glass software.

“Google is still in the early-stages of determining the most viable use-cases for Google Glass,” Drchrono co-founder Daniel Kivatinos said when speaking to Reuters. “But some doctors are demanding Glass, so Google is providing resources and support to developers.” Interest from the medical profession does seem strong, with several emergency rooms testing out Glass and its potential uses in hospitals.

San Francisco podiatrist Dr. Bill J. Metaxas is one of the doctors testing out the Drchronos app and told Reuters that 99 percent of the patients he deals with had agreed to using Glass in consultations. He did emphasize the need to obtain permission and double-check the security settings on the device, however, and HIPAA compliance is one potential issue for the fledgling app.

In theory there’s no reason why a Glass app would be any less secure than one running on an iPad, but patients may take some time to get used to the idea of being recorded, even with their knowledge. Google itself is ready to tap into these promising markets with Glass – the company recently held an event at its offices in San Francisco for care providers, hospital staff and medical-tech startups to discuss potential uses for the technology.

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