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New Reports Say iWatch with Curved Display Coming In October

iwatch-roundNow that Healthkit – Apple’s new health and wellness data aggregation app – debuted earlier this week at WWDC, it seems like only a matter of time before the company finally unveils the iWatch. A new report today says that it will do so in October. Could these latest claims finally be the real deal?

A new report from Nikkei is the source of the latest claims that Apple has targeted October for the iWatch’s long-awaited launch. The specs are still being finalized, it says, citing “industry sources.” A post on Re/code corroborates the October launch window, citing its own insider sources as well.

Further, the report claims that Apple plans on making between 3 and 5 million units each month when the device is finally revealed. That number isn’t too far out of line with reports we heard last month, which claimed Apple would produce 18 to 21 million iWatch units for the second half of 2014.

Interestingly, the report also claims that Apple will “likely use a curved organic light-emitting diode (OLED) touchscreen” for the iWatch’s display. What an amazing coincidence: the USTPO awarded a patent to Apple late last year for thinner and stronger curved touch-displays. At the time, I speculated that Apple would bring a curved display touchscreen to the iWatch, so these new reports aren’t too much of a surprise.

Clearly, Apple is making a big push into the wearable tech space with HealthKit and the above video, its most recent ad campaign touting how the health data aggregator will work with third party wearables. If Apple can prime its customers to think of all the ways their iPhones can be used to build better, healthier bodies, then it won’t have much work to do when the iWatch is finally revealed later this year.

Furthermore, an October release date makes sense considering its proximity to the holiday shopping season. Without a doubt, if these reports are true, Apple’s iWatch will be the wearable device to beat in 2014. However, will it be enough to transform the wearable tech sector in the same way the iPhone transformed the smartphone landscape?

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