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Heart Rate Headphones Become A Reality Thanks To LG

heart_notesLG has just upped the wearables game for everybody with their newly announced heart rate bud earphones. At the gym, rocking out to Metallica and suddenly feel your chest flutter a little bit too much? This small, unassuming bit of wearable tech could be a lifesaver.

Both LG’s Lifeband Touch ($150) and Heart Rate earphones ($180) hit stores next week, and the latter could be a possible game-changer for the wearables industry. These headphones, honest-to-goodness, record your heart rate. Isn’t this why the whole wearable tech category was created – so we wouldn’t even have to go to the doctor or use expensive gym equipment to give us an accurate reading on our ticker, and instead just glance at a fitness band or smartphone app in-between Lady Gaga songs to get the real deal on our vitals?

If this all sounds familiar, it’s because of a recent hoax regarding supposed Apple headphones with built-in heart rate sensors. To refresh your memory, here’s the faux leak:

“Apple’s new EarPods will have sensors in them, for heart rate & blood pressure.”

But LG’s actually delivering on what was once thought of as hoax-worthy. Certainly $180 is a little steep for a pair of “buds,” but will retail consumers feel the added health bonus is worth it?

That’s not to steal the thunder from LG’s Lifeband Touch, which is like a combo of Nike’s Fuelband and Samsung’s Gear Fit. The device boasts an OLED touch screen, a 3-axis accelerometer/altimeter and fitness measurements including calories and speed.

LG’s Heart Rate headphones can of course be used in conjunction with their Lifeband Touch, though they can also work via Bluetooth with the free LG Fitness App on smartphones.

Both LG wearable tech devices are now on pre-order from Best Buy. Will they break through the early adopter barrier and play big with the Big Box consumer? It could just be a simple pair of headphones that tempt the public into making wearables truly mainstream.

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