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Time Out: Sources Claim Apple Won’t Introduce iWatch At WWDC

wwdcReports have been steady lately that point to Apple finally revealing its long-awaited iWatch later this year, with some speculating that it would be unveiled at this June’s WWDC. But new reports today claim that Apple CEO Tim Cook has no intention of making any announcement about wearables at the conference next month.

A post on Recode today cites “sources familiar with Apple’s plans” who put the kibosh on the iWatch making an appearance on Tim Cook’s wrist on stage. Apparently the main thrust of Cook’s keynote speech at WWDC will be showing off the latest version of OS X, as well as the new and improved iOS 8, which will also include the Healthbook app that we’ve heard so much about.

So where does that leave recent reports that the iWatch has entered production and will be on store shelves this holiday? The truth is that, if those reports are accurate to begin with, the lack of the iWatch at WWDC means little to nothing about whether we’ll actually see the product later this year. As you may remember, last year’s WWDC also revolved largely around operating systems: Apple basically gave viewers and attendees a tour of iOS 7 OS X Mavericks and all the new features they boasted.

Then, at a special event in September, Apple revealed the iPhone 5s and 5C. It didn’t matter that we hadn’t officially been told that it was coming at WWDC. Consumers were more than willing to learn about the new iPhones after the conference was over. And considering that September is significantly closer to the holiday shopping season, holding off on announcing new devices until that time makes a certain amount of sense for building stronger hype when people are ready to spend money.

Don’t forget: the world of tech, even wearable tech, moves fast. Samsung waited roughly half a year before releasing a new version of its Gear smartwatch. Apple wouldn’t want to try and sell the iWatch too soon only to see it turn into old news by the time Black Friday rolls around. Keeping it a premium item during the holidays probably means keeping it under wraps for longer.

That said, don’t be surprised to hear a lot about Healthbook at WWDC, which will set the stage for Apple’s eventual iPhone 6 and iWatch announcement later this year. By then it may finally be the right time.

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