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Glass To Get Prime Time Exposure On ‘2 Broke Girls’

Some critics of Google Glass have questioned whether the company’s much-maligned smart eyewear is ready for prime time – but ready or not, that’s exactly what Glass is about to get some more of.

In this promo clip for Monday night’s episode of the CBS comedy “2 Broke Girls,” actress Jennifer Coolidge – who has a recurring role on the show – can be seen wearing Glass:

According to a Glass spokesperson, it’s not the result of paid product placement. Depending on how the script treats it, it could be a major opportunity to favorably expose more people to the device – exactly what Glass probably needs right now – or show creator Whitney Cummings could treat it a bit irreverently, a la this tweet from Conan O’Brien earlier this week:

Marketingland notes that it’ll be “significant exposure” either way, pointing to the nearly 8 million viewers the show brought in this past week. Glass also has gotten prime time exposure on ABC’s “Shark Tank” and the Emmy Awards Red Carpet show, to cite a few other recent examples.

Using TV shows to help pave the way toward getting Google’s glasses to the masses feels like a natural step in a rollout that has arguably been problematic thus far. Google initially let the device out into the wild via an elite group of so-called Explorers and seemed to then sit back and wait for what would happen next.

Word of Glass’ upcoming use in the CBS show was one of several pieces of Glass news this week, which also included a report from that took a Glass unit apart – and determined that the $1,500 specs contain $80 worth of parts.

A spokesman told the Wall Street Journal that the estimate was “absolutely wrong” but didn’t elaborate. From the Silicon Valley Business Journal’s take on the teardown:

“Also included in the steep cost, which may not be counted in the estimate, are design costs to pay Ph.D.s and engineers who have worked on Glass since 2011 and were likely generously paid for their contributions., which based its rough estimate on a quick analysis, said the numbers will likely change when it conducts a more thorough dive into Google Glass component costs.”

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