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Google Glass Gets iPhone SMS Support And A Calendar App

Glass runnerGoogle is about to push out a significant update for its Glass users: support for iPhone SMS messages and a new calendar app will appear on headset within the next few days. The company announced the extra features in a Google+ post, telling Glass owners that device updates will be appearing on a more frequent basis in future. A major Android KitKat update was rolled out last week, bringing better battery life, improved reliability and a host of other tweaks.

The SMS for iPhone update enables notifications for new text messages to appear on the Glass headset. For the time being, there’s no option to reply to texts due to what Google calls “some limitations with iOS.” While you won’t get the same level of functionality as you do with an Android handset, it’s still a useful upgrade for iPhone owners, and you can activate it from the Bluetooth settings within iOS. According to Google, iPhone SMS support was one of the top feature requests from existing Glass users.

The other new feature is called Calendar Glassware and displays your upcoming agenda to the left of the home screen. “Tap a calendar card from your timeline, and you can change the title, time, location, and RSVP as well as delete the event or dismiss it from your timeline,” says Google. It’s the first time the wearable has had a native calendar app to call its own.

Google has been busy pushing Glass from both the hardware and software sides over the last few months. As well as a one-day public sale for the $1,500 device, the company has also been testing a try-before-you-buy scheme to get the headset into the hands of more potential users. Glass is expected to become more widely available later in the year, though Google has not announced an official schedule.

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